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Reliable Agricultural Technology

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Agricultural Film

Greenhouse covering, Soil disinfection film, Soil fumigation film, Mulch film, Low tunnel film, Grapes covering, Banana preservation sacks, Silage film and Seedlings sacks.

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Polyethylene for lining and isolation.

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Woven Bags

Normal woven bags, AD star woven bags, Laminated woven bags (Coated), Valve woven sacks, Laminated woven bags with Bopp and Valve woven sacks Laminated Bopp.

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Flexible packaging

We are a leading producer of plastic film for Packaging applications since 1983.We have ability to produce with great diversity of bags and reels.

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Welcome to SHOUMAN

Shouman group is a leading producer of a wide range of high end solutions in the plastic industry. Our portfolio includes:

  • - Agricultural film
  • - Lining and isolation sheets
  • - PP woven bags
  • - Flexible packaging

Our production facilities extend over an area of 125000 square meters with human capital of 1000 motivated employees and a total annual production capacity of 25000 tons of high end product for wide range of applications.

With 35 years of experience, the company has gathered invaluable knowledge in the field of plastic processing. Reliability, productivity,and Cost effectiveness are the corner stones of our success.

Global competence is what we are good for, Global operation requires global thinking, different markets need different strategies.

Listening to our customers and understanding their needs are our key tools for boostering our global presence.

Data SheetsAgricultural film

Greenhouse covering

Shouman greenhouse film is equipped with high light- penetration technology which allows for planting a wide variety of vegetable crops.

Soil disinfection film

Co-extruded PE-based film used for disinfecting the soil, protecting the environment and prohibiting destruction of beneficial organisms.

Soil fumigation film

Soil fumigation with methyl bromide or other compounds was used in certain high-value crops to control a wide range of soil borne pests including many root.

Low tunnel film

A low-tunnel is a structure taking the shape of a semi-circle to be more suitable for absorption of sun rays and to a great extent prevents wind damage.

Mulch film

Shouman agricultural mulch film is a thin plastic membrane suitable for planting different types of vegetables and fruits.

Grapes covering

Co-extruded plastic films produced from high quality materials for covering vineyards. Protect grapes from rain during harvest.

35 years of quality and service Quality Management

Shouman group adopts a total quality management approach integrating the complete process into the concept.

Our products conform to the highest standards of quality in terms of performance, fitful use and environmental protection.

Parallel to the total quality inspection, we are implementing inline monitoring and inspection systems to insure consistent quality at all times.

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